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Sam Lipp and Luis Miguel Bendaña : Feeling Languid

June 23 - July 26



Ben Hall performance Wednesday, June 4th 8 PM

Rob Bass, Steal Treble

Jacob Kassay

May 3rd - June 15th


Marina Pinsky, Nick Poe, and Matthew Watson: Kinemes

Opening Friday April 4th, 7 - 9 PM


Heather Guertin, Sanya Kantarovsky, and Viola Yesiltac: Zero For Conduct February 1st - March 2nd


Alexandra Lerman: Groundstroke December 19th - January 19th


R. Lyon & Jessie Stead: Golden Champagne November 11th - December 15th

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Rachel Rose: Sonic Hedgehog

October 7th - November 4th


John Ganz: The Critic

Sept 7th - October 5th


Rochelle Goldberg, Charles Mayton, Rory Parks: Twilight of The Studio Idols

Opens July 1st, 7-9 PM


Dena Yago: Because Reasons

May 13th - June 14th 2013


6. you and you're people

27. the flavor

12. my own dirty muzzle

29. tired of access

9. saliva escapes me

8. there's no such thing as a dumb question, only the dumb person who asked it

7. your own ground floor

5. why so weird

4. group infusion

3. a relative visit

10. the environment

11. eaten from the inside

13. not in my living room

28. import me

22. presents

2. take out garbage

27. enunciate redaction

14. that's maybe s

1. social design

15. we've got predators eating us from the outside and inside.

17. degradation

16. like a beaver to the dam

18. the parfait

26. everything is happen so much

19. greeting s earthling

20. the stash the trash the treasure

21. i am doing

23. tomorrow never comes

24. time rests on the edge of a knife

25. it makes so much sense in the wild to trust inherent sameness and stability

30. because reasons

Molly Lowe: Formed

April 12th - May 10th 2013

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Kristina Lee and Annie Pearlman: The Broadway Boogie Woogie

February 18th - March 11th 2013


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Fia Backström: Post-Sensitive Rhetorics

January 14th - February 11th 2013


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Ernst Fischer: Greedy Fish

November 24th - January 12th 2012


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